City tour with ...Bernini and Borromini 

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The first was a “lover of wordliness”, smart and brilliant, almost a symbol of the baroque city that he is going to mark with his art; the other, on the contrary, was a lone and bashful person, but not less ingenious and famous. In constant conflict one against the other, they have embellished Rome since the beginning of the 17th century with works of art that, in certain cases, “talk” to each other taking the side of their respective makers. And you, whose side are you on? Bernini or Borromini?



Lenght: 2 hours;

Start time: Every day at 9am or 2pm; 

Itinerary: Barberini Square - Sant'Andrea - San Carlino;

Useful info: We recommend wearing clothes that are suitable to the weather and comfortable for a two-hour walk. Since the tour includes the visit to some churches, visitors are requested to have their shoulders and legs covered, in compliance with the requirements in force in such places. 



These two great artists have connoted the baroque image of the city of Rome. Bernini, born in Naples, lived in Rome the whole of his life. He was a many-sided artist and very well known are his sculptures and his architectural works. His name is associated to that of Pope Urban VII, who commissioned him several art works since when he was a cardinal. Borromini, came from the Canton of Ticino and his style is defined by the alternation of geometric modules. Borromini was invited to Rome by one of his colleagues, and fellow countrymen, Carlo Maderno.
Unlike Bernini, he is remembered for being a solitary and irritable type. One of the greatest estimators of his work was the Pope Innocent X. His character and a series of negative events pushed him to commit suicide.