Vatican Museums - Sistine Chapel - St. Peter's Basilica

Is there a place hosting many and many examples of the most different forms of art? Yes, there is one, and its name is the Vatican Museums. The Vatican Museums contain the majority of masterpieces produced by Roman, Egyptian, Etruscan, Renaissance and contemporary art. An enchanting spectacle for the eyes and the mind, culminating in the visit to the Sistine Chapel, the masterpiece by Michelangelo Buonarroti.


Villa Borghese Garden

An oasis in the very heart of the city, 79 hectares of green land in the midst of circulation. It has inspired pages of literature, music scores and, in general, all forms of art. Nowadays it hosts masterpieces that stretch through three centuries of art and architecture, and several museums of different kinds, among which the very well known Galleria Borghese, and also a theatre and a zoo.


Palazzo Massimo with Percy Jackson

When thinking of the Eternal City, you usually think of the Seven Hills, the Seven Kings, Julius Caesar....
Well, now imagine you are in the city centre, near the Termini railway station, and prepare yourself to jump back to the origins of Central Italian civilization, to hear of Rome when it was not completely sure that it would be called like this, then prepare yourself to cross the street and admire the blossom of one of the most famous western civilizations, among statues, copies of statues, and white hens.


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