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There was a Greek God who used to talk to a mythic hero inside a factory, among turbines … It’s not a joke, not at all! It’s just an interesting (and also glamorous, in our opinion) example of how to convert a piece of industrial archaeology into a museum. To cut a long story short: a stroke of genius has transformed an old electric power plant into a museum for classical statues.

Come with us and see it!

(Don’t worry, no rubber gloves are required …)



Lenght: 2 hours;

Start time: Every day at 9am or 2pm except Mondays and bank holidays

Useful info: No particular notices for this tour, just check weather forecasts and respect the most common rules applying to a visit in a museum. The entrance tickets can be easily bought just before entering the museums. 


More details

The building rises within the industrial complex along the Via Ostiensis and has been transformed into an expositive location (at first temporary and then permanent) for hosting the most recent works of art acquired by the Capitoline Museums. It is not only an evocative museum but also one of the most successful examples of archaeologic-industrial reutilization.