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Besides the most famous places relating to Christian religion, there are many other sacred places, that are perhaps less popular, but not less solemn and rich in history: we'll take you to places where the religious sense is tangible, simple and primitive, like, in some cases, the pieces of art that they host. But beware: though “primitive”, these examples of art are of an extremely high level. Prepare your handkerchiefs, you'll be moved by such outstanding beauty.



Lenght: 2 hours;

Start time: Every day at 9am or 2pm;

Useful info: We'll visit sacred places, therefore we recommend to wear clothes that are suitable to such sites. 



With nearly 900 churches, Rome is the city with most churches in the world. They cover a lapse of time of about 1700 years and define the aspect of the city. The first churches were built in the very places where the first Christians used to meet: among these are deaconries, oratories and tituli. The papal basilicas are four and their foundation dates back to the 4th century after Christ.