City tour...Egypt in Rome 

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We all know the story of Antony and Cleopatra, don't we? Well, forget it (at least for today). The relationship between Rome and Egypt is deeper and much more charming than this. Take us by the hand and you'll discover an aspect of Rome that you won't expect, among obelisks, cats, temples of Isis… Prepare your most comfortable shoes, we'll walk a long way!



Lenght: 2 hours;

Start time: Every day at 9am or 2pm;

Useful info: No particular notices for this tour, just check weather forecasts and respect the most common rules applying to a visit in a museum. The entrance tickets can be easily bought just before entering the museums. 


The bond between the Roman and Egyptian civilizations is much deeper than we might think. It's a kind of ideal legacy, through which the new-born Roman empire acquires several aspects of the thousand-years- old civilization, such as those concerning religious cults or the relationship with life after death. Besides the notorious Pyramid of Cestius, which is described here, there were in Rome at least three other pyramids: two near the present-day Trident area, and one located in what is today Via della Conciliazione. However, evidence of Egyptian civilization in Rome is not just linked to pyramids and obelisks, but also to sacred places, that still exist today, such as the Iseum Campense (Temple of Isis and Serapis).