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Even though Hebraism originated in a completely different part of the world, from a certain point on in history its destiny was interwoven with that of the Eternal City. From the Arch of Titus to the Ghetto, passing through the Tiber Island and the Portico d’Ottavia, we’ll go over a very intense, and sometimes bitter story



Lenght: 2 hours;

Start time: 9am or 2pm; 

Useful info: We always recommend to respect the sacred character of the places we are going to visit. At the end of the tour it is possible to ask for the visit of the Jewish Museum (except Fridays afternoon and Saturdays).


The Jewish community started to settle in the area comprised between the Portico D’Ottavia, the Theatre of Marcellus and Largo Arenula from the 13th century on. It was only in 1555 that Pope Paul V set up the Ghetto, that, being encircled by walls, became the obliged residence for all Roman Jews. Due to the large number of its inhabitants, the Ghetto lay in utter squalor, so that Pius IX was forced to open its doors in 1848. Since then the area has undergone many urbanistic interventions and, in its present condition, it offers a clear demonstration of how the town has evolved during the centuries.