Back to the past with...Julius Caesar 

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Heir to a noble Gens, involved in the myth of the foundation of Rome, a voyager, and a shrewd calculator. He was also the leader of the First Triumvirate, a writer, a strategist and a dictator. Let’s meet one of the most charming figures of Roman history, the one who became the absolute ruler of the city, but with such a sharpness of mind that he was able to exert his power within the republican system and to rise to the rank of a God. We are talking of Julius Caesar, of course! We’ll show you the Rome of his time and let you relive all his deeds! Are you ready to feel like real princes?



Lenght: 2 hours;

Start times: 9am or 2pm;

Useful info: We recommend wearing comfortable clothes that are suitable for a long walk. 



Born in 100 BC from an ancient Gens, he was the undisputed protagonist of the end of the Republic. Shrewd calculator (in 60 BC he formed the first triumvirate, thus becoming proconsul of Gaul and Illyria) and a great conductor, during the political crisis in Rome he fought against Pompey seeking absolute power, stirring up a civil war that was eventually won by Caesar himself. When coming back from his campaign against Juba, the king of Numidia, he celebrated a majestic triumph, after which he became dictator for life. He was also granted the title of Emperor and the tribunitial power, as well as all the other charges and powers typical of a monarch. He was assassinated in 44 BC by a group of republican conspirators. Among the reforms adopted by Caesar it must be remembered the new calendar based on the solar system (instead of the moon system) He also wrote the De Bello Gallico and the De Bello Civili.