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The first of Roman emperors, with a name whose fiscal code would be a kilometer long nowadays! So many reforms during his reign, even the title (that he granted to himself) of DIVI FILIUS. Being the nephew of the man of the hour, he couldn’t have been born under a more lucky star. A fan of arts, a shrewd strategist, andalso a good subject for portraits, either statues, cameos or coins, it doesn’t matter, since his profile was really popular! It’s useless to go on telling the merits and deeds of Octavian Augustus here, since we have conceived a marvelous tour just for you! Would you like to know more? What are you waiting for? Book your tour now! We will be happy to introduce you the first Emperor of Rome!



Lenght: 2 hours;

Start times: 9am or 2pm;

Useful info: We recommend wearing clothes that are suitable to the weather and comfortable for a two-hour walk.



Caesar's nephew, he was adopted by Caesar himself and became his heir. When Caesar died, he also eliminated Antonio and became the uncontested ruler of Rome, starting what is now known as the Roman Empire. In 27 BC he took control of the provinces where the armies where quartered and he acquired the title of Augustus, while in 23 BC he took the leadership of all the provinces (also those to be due to the Senate, and acquired the full powers of the tribunes of the people. Rome remained under his guide until 14 AD, a long principate characterized by the restoration of traditional religion (the Aeneid and his decision to move to the Palatine Hill are to be considered in this context) and the creation of imposing public works.