Museum tour at...Palazzo Massimo e Bath of Diocletian 

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When thinking of the Eternal City, you usually think of the Seven Hills, the Seven Kings, Julius Caesar... Well, now imagine you are in the city centre, near the Termini railway station, and prepare yourself to jump back to the origins of Central Italian civilization, to hear of Rome when it was not completely sure that it would be called like this, then prepare yourself to cross the street and admire the blossom of one of the most famous western civilizations, among Percy Jackson statues, copies of statues, and white hens. It’s a promise! That's the way we'll do it, walking through the Baths of Diocletian and the collections of Palazzo Massimo. Do not hesitate, in Rome this may happen too!



Lenght: 2 hours;

Start times: Every day (except Mondays and bank holidays) at 9am or 2pm

Useful info: On site wardrobes, self-bars and bookshops are available. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and clothes that are suitable to the weather. 



The seat of the Roman National Museum in Palazzo Massimo is the heart of the whole expositive complex. Its collection comprises several works of art testifying stylistic choices of the late republican age, passing then to Augustan propagandistic art, without forgetting the constant contact with the Hellenic world and the decorations of prestigious patrician residences. The basement of the museum hosts a remarkable collection of coins, jewellery and furnishings. The complex of Diocletian's Baths, comprising the Certosa di Santa Maria degli Angeli, was inaugurated in 1889 and rearranged during the second half of the 20th century. The museum of the baths hosts, in the majestic building of late imperial age, several epigraphic remains of the Roman civilization and its different aspects, as well as protohistoric rests relating to the formation of this same civilization.