Back to the past at...Roman Forum - Palatine Hill - Colosseum 

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Let's go for a 3 hour-long time travel. From the Republic to the Empire, from Romulus and Remus to “Panem et Circenses” passing through Caesar and Augustus. Come and visit with us the complex of the Roman Forum and the Palatine, passing through the arena of the Colosseum. Enter the very heart of History, that of Roman emperors!



Lenght: 3 hours;

Start time: 8.30am and 2pm from April-October; 9am and 1.30pm from November to March. The tour does not run on the first Sunday of the month and bank holidays.

Useful info: This tour, which is probably the most loved by children, will take you into the very heart of ancient Rome. We'll visit the Palatine Hill, where the imperial palace was located and where Romulus founded his town, then we’ll go to the Roman Forum, the historic center of ancient Rome, the place of politics, administration and religious life, and finally to the Colosseum, the building dedicated to the entertainment of the Romans. During the whole tour, your kids will live an unforgettable experience, charmed by the many stories and legends that our guide will tell them. The underground level and 3rd tier are not included in the tour. We recommend to wear comfortable shoes and clothes that are suitable to the weather.


According to legend, the Palatine is the hill where Romulus originally founded the town of Rome. It is a very important strategic place, allowing to control the banks of the river Tiber, and it shows traces of ancient dwellings dating back to the Iron Age. During the republican age the place became a residential area: here you can find the houses of important persons (such as Cicero) and representatives of the noble class, for example emperor Augustus (whose palace may be visited with prior booking), who chose this area with the precise intention to reconnect himself to the mythological founder of Rome. The building of Nero’s and Domitian’s residences transformed the Palatine Hill into a large open-air royal palace. At the feet of the Palatine, between the Capitoline and Quirinal hills, stood the complex of the Forum Boarium, that during the years increased its extension and its importance, until it became the centre of the city life, both from the commercial, religious and administrative points of view.