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Could you believe that statues too have a sharp tongue? In Rome this has been happening indeed, and since a long time! When the power was so corrupted and oppressive, the six talking statues of Rome defended the Romans with great irony and sense of humour. During the night people used to attach satirical verses to these statues, against those who held the power in modern-age Rome, especially the Pope. Abbot Luigi, Babuino, Facchino, Madama Lucrezia, Marforio, Pasquino: these are the members of the congress of Witty People. Come with us, let's discover them and talk to them!



Lenght: 2 hours;

Start times: 9am or 2pm;

Itinerary: Madama Lucrezia Statue, Marforio Statue, Abate Luigi Statue, Pasquino Statue;

Useful info: we reccomend to wear comfortable shoes and clothes that are suitable to the weather. 




Rome's talking statues are a living demonstration of how corruption and bad government are a trouble that is not only limited to contemporary age. The six statues (Abbot Luigi, Babuino, Facchino, Madama Lucrezia, Marforio and Pasquino) are located in different areas of the city centre and, since the XVI century, they have become the repository of rhymes, poems and satirical messages that denounced the misdeeds committed by people in power, especially the Pope (as a matter of fact, Adrian IV wanted to destroy the Pasquino, but he died before he could do that). One of the most famous sentences is “Quod non fecerunt Barbari fecerunt Barberini” (What the Barbarians did not do the Barberini did).